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Yay for f'ed up sleeping patterns
Saturday. 6.2.07 5:50 am
I'm up at 6 in the morning....ON A SATURDAY!!!

Truth is i've been up since 2am. I passed out around 8pm just because I was so tired. I'm not even sure why I've been this tired as I've been getting 7ish hours of sleep per night. Oh well. Later today a bunch of us are going tubing down the river. Last time some of us got really bad sun burns, so hopefully this time we will wear more sun screen. Last time I had some fun the night before tubing, and well into the morning, but it didn't happen this time. :(

I really want to do some posts about work, some of the stuff there is really cool. The problem is the lovely ITAR. It prevents me from saying just about anything about the projects we are working on.

On a side note, the wiki entry for ITAR states some good points against it.

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Long day
Wednesday. 5.23.07 11:00 pm
I left my house at 7:15 am, and am just getting back home now, at 11:00 pm....really long day. At least now I have a phone and a computer at my desk.

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Tuesday. 5.22.07 9:50 pm
Today I finished by second day of work. The first day I spent in orientation, signing papers and learning procedures. I was supposed to be taken out to lunch with my supervisor, but none of the HR people I was with could find him. Eventually, I just left for an hour and stopped at the first place I could find. I went to a Hardy's, thinking it was an Arby's, but it was still tasty.

After lunch, I was taken to another building to get my ID badge and parking pass. Every single door (with the exception of bathrooms) is locked 24 hour a day, and needs an ID to get unlocked. It seems cool until you have to go to the bathroom, pick something up in the office, go to the lab, print something out to the office, and go back to the lab. The novelty wears off quickly.

Speaking of the office, there are only a few actual offices in the R&D area. I share a cubicle with a new hire, but they are pretty large, so it isn't so bad. The bad part is I have an empty desk without a computer or phone. When I have nothing to do I literally have nothing to do. Today I wandered around asking what people were doing, and listening to them talk. The subject is interesting, but there are so many acronyms it is easy to get lost. One guy was explaining to me what MTF was for about half an hour. It wasn't until he was done talking that I was told what MTF stands for. (modulation transfer function for those that are interested) Even without much to do I worked from 8:15am to 6:00pm, mostly waiting for people to finish meetings.

It is now 10pm and I should be sleeping in order to get a nice 8 hr rest, so good night all.

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I'm out of shape
Sunday. 5.20.07 7:40 pm
I weigh near 175 pound, but am only 5'6". I went walking/jogging today, and realized I can only run/job for 2.5 minutes before I get winded. After about 12 minutes, my ankle started getting angry, so I had to stop. Hopefully this summer I'll stick to my diet and exercise plan. I really want go get back down to 155 lbs.

On a random note, when the hell did gas get so expensive? When I left Blacksburg 10 days ago, gas was $2.75. Now it is $3.00. With my job, I'll be driving 450 miles a week, at the rate my car eats gas, I'll be spending $54 a week on gas.

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Cable Box
Wednesday. 5.16.07 6:04 pm
It is sad when the cable box takes longer to start up than my laptop.

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Thursday. 5.3.07 9:19 pm
A few weeks ago, I received a call from ITT Night Vision offering me a 6-month position in their research and development devision. It was somewhat strange in that my only previous contact with them was a few months ago at a career fair. I never had an interview and my GPA is shitty, so I'm not sure why exactly they chose me. In any case, it pays $15 per hour, it gets me out of school and in the real world for 6 months, and it moves my graduation back a semester so now I can graduate with all my friends.

I had to go for a drug test today, and it was the first time seeing the facilities. They claim to be in Roanoke, which is a decent city, but the area around them was almost completely barren. I get off the interstate, and all I see is a hotel, forest, a bank, forest, and then huge building surrounded by barbed wire. I had to park in the visitors parking lot, get buzzed through the gate, and sign in with the security guard. I couldn't bring my cell phone in because it had a camera in it, and all over there were LCD screens warning against electronic devices and personal safety equipment. It somewhat reminded me of playing a video game that takes place in a government facility (half-life, fear, etc). I thought it was kinda cool.

I start in a few weeks, but I still don't know what I am actually going to be doing. I need a formal job description for the Co-op program at my school, but the HR person I have been talking to still hasn't sent one.

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